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Joseph Zbukvic is highly sought after as a tutor due to his wonderful communication skills and generosity. He is a rare artist who is not just an amazingly talented and versatile painter, but is also able to explain visual language in simple, practical and understandable terms. Despite demands for workshops from all over the world, Joseph keeps his painting as a main priority and only tutors at a select number of workshops. Joseph's 2015 workshops are completely booked.

Please do not write or contact Joseph about workshop information.

To get a sense of the style and brilliance of a Joseph Zbukvic watercolour workshop, watch this trailer of Joseph’s newest DVD “People at Work” produced by APV films. Click on the video to the right to view the trailer.
Wonderful interview and demo of Joseph in his Melbourne studio with Graeme Stevenson of "Colour in Your Life" TV.
For a bit of fun, look at this trailer from APV Films showing Joseph and Herman Pekel painting a big picture together on the Melbourne waterfront.